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Turn left only, a side street in the city of Manchester
Turn left only
Solemn Sofia, an empty corridor in Sofia cathedral, showing the tranquillity of the magnificent building
Solemn Sofia
A public transport repair depot for the many soviet era trams and buses in Sofia Bulgaria
Repair Depot
a shop open late at night in Changzhou China, often the local people prefer to socialise and go about thier business in the cooler summer evenings
night shop
Hiroshima dome Tokyo Japan, one of the only buildings to stay erect after the destruction in August 1945
Hiroshima dome
A grand stairwell in the Tokyo imperial museum, Japan
Tokyo imperial museum
A boat on Xiamen waterfront, carrying supplies and produce to the islet of Gulangyu, China
Xiamen waterfront
Hondori, the street lights of Japan are famous, this is no exception, Hiroshima Japan
Tokyo Skyline at night, A panoramic image of the modern Tokyo with the skysrapers and lights that make Tokyo famous, Japan
Tokyo Skyline
Seed cathedaral, the UK pavillion in the 2008 Shanghai Expo
Seed cathedaral
Budapest city skyline. A paroramic shot of the Danube river and the two sides of the city, Buda and Pest, Hungary
Budapest city
Dome, the cealing of Viennas cathederal showing symmetry and colour, Vienna Austria
Fredrich Shiller Gymnasium, A school in Fellbach, baden wuerttemberg Germany. Showing the corridor between the classrooms in a school build nearly 50 years ago
St Ruperts church, a smallalmost un-noticed building in a quiet part of Vienna Austria with a beautiful and friendly interior
St Ruperts
The Interdisciplinary Biocentre, part of Manchester Universities Institute of Biotechnology, England
Interdisciplinary Biocentre
the great Erzebet Bridge at night across the river Danube in Budapest, Hungary
Erzebet Bridge
A frozen canal mooring during the middle of winter in Copenhagen, Denmark
Frozen canal
A lone pedestrian walking across the grounds of the Louvre museum in Paris France when raining
Louvre Paris
A large number of designer appartments have been built on the banks of the river Metlock in  All Saints Manchester England
Metlock banks, All Saints
The apse at Copenhagen cathedral, Denmark showing a fiery orange glow warming its patrons during the winter months
Copenhagen cathederal
A simple image showing the various floors from the elevators / lifts of the Hyatt plaza in Doha Qatar
Hyatt plaza
Manchester skyline taken from a rooftop in the city Centre England
Manchester Skyline
An image of new modern design buildings and infrastructure on the river Metlock in Manchester England
New Manchester
Modern Manchester as it was, this street has been modified to include new infrastructure in a city looking towards the future, Arndale Manchester England
Arndale Manchester
The Hilton / beetham tower jsut off Deansgate in Manchester England
Hilton Deansgate
A student accomodation building to accomodate university students in Xian University China
Student block
A neon lit Beijing street at night showing the contrast between light and dark in China
Beijing street
A night image from the 2008 Shangain Expo showing the creativity of the designers
Expo night
The legendary Shanghai Bund, the waterfront of the city showing the many skyscrapers and the TV tower that represents the city, China
Shanghai Bund
The Trajan Market is a large complex of ruins in the city of Rome, Italy, located on the Via dei Fori Imperiali, near to the Colosseum.
Trajan Markets
Liberty bridge connects Buda and Pest in the great city of Budapest, Hungary. The bridge features art nouveau design, mythological sculptures and the country’s coat of arms adorned on its side
Budapest bridge
The Vatican City corridors surrounding Saint Peters Square, Rome, Italy
Vatican City
A rare day in the summer where we can see the Beijing Skyline, China
Beijing Skyline
Copenhagens main canal Frozen during the winter months, broken up when a ship is able to pass by and refrozen giving the interesting pattern, Denmark
Copenhagen main canal
Copenghagen canal footbridge across Copenhagens main canal Denmark
The Winter palace, official residence of the Russian Tsars, now the home of the Hermitage Museum. St Petersberg, Russia
Winter palace
St John Baptist, a magnificinet stained glass window in Manchesters Cathedral England
St John Baptist
The Cathedral Nave in Manchesters central Cathedral England
Manchester Cathedral Nave
The Finance district in San Francisco California USA shown from across the bay
Finance SF style
The Golden gate bridge spannig the strait to San Francisco bay California USA
Golden gate
Bay, a twilight shot of San Francisco bay showing a panoramic view of the city in California USA
Nanjing Road, the main shopping area in Shanghai, China
Nanjing Road Shanghai
Quay bridge at night, Salford Quays, Manchester England, winner of a ephotozine readers choice award
Quay bridge at night
Salford Quays at twighlight, Manchester England
Salford Quays
Rails, a intereting architectural design from Beijing China
An image of Shaanxi TV Tower in Xi'an taken from a bridge over Chang'an Road, China
Xian TV tower
Matching doors, the symettry in architecture showing the exit to two mirrored rooms in Xian University China
Matching doors
Moscovskiar metro station ia one of the magestic stations from the soviet era in the centre of Moscow, Russia
Another of Moscows magnificent metro stations from the soviet era, near the centre of Moscow, Russia
Moscow metro
The outside of the biggest library in China, the dominant building in Xiamen university
Xiamen University Library
Cathedral of Christ the Savior from Patriashly Most over the Moskva River, Moscow Russia
Christ the savior
A manned guard station protecting the property and students at Xiamen University, China
Guard station
Lisbon old town, one of the many interesting side alleys and streets in the old town of Lisbon Portugal
Lisbon old town
Tramtracks old town, an intreging visit to the old town via tram in Lisbon Portugal
Tramtracks old town
Young minds exploring, two small children playing and expoloring in the Jeronimos Monastary Lisbon Portugal
Young minds exploring
The Jeronimos Monastary near the Tagus river in the parish of Belém, in Lisbon, Portugal
Stairway to where? One of the many interesting side alleys and streets in the old town of Lisbon Portugal Lisbon Portugal
Stairway to where?
Old mill, a derelict mill showing how time has decayed the industrial north of England
Old mill

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