Darren Smith Photography Ethical Statement

Darren Smith and those who work with Darren Smith Photography are committed to maintain the trust of clients, potential clients and visitors to this website and for those who use the services on offer.

Darren Smith Photography is a small, personal business whose ethos is to build on this trust gained to improve the service provided.

Ethical Statement

As a photographer, a lead photographer and as a member of a team of photographers here at Darren Smith Photography, we are determined to making images, photographs and portfolios that represent everyone with the respect and dignity that they deserve.

We, as members of the team will respect the wishes of clients and of those who are photographed by Darren Smith Photography.

As Darren Smith Photography shoot a variety of subjects, our aim is to produce images and portfolios which reflect our client(s) and their wishes.

Consent will always be requested if we can make use of any image shot for any client before being used for other purposes. If a client’s image is used for promotion, it is always because Darren Smith and the team take pride in their photography and skill set.

Our primary focus is to provide the best service to our clients and customers without causing any disruption or destruction to our surrounding environment or people associated with our work. This includes print media being minimised to save waste, travelling to venues having considered the environmental effects and to protect our wild habitats by not utilising global positioning satellite meta data.

We also insist on a no discrimination policy against gender identity, race, colour, sexual orientation or background in all our work. Clients and customers can feel free to approach our friendly team without any fear of prejudice.

The team here at Darren Smith Photography promise to let everyone know where, when, and why we are taking photographs, where their photographs and data associated are being stored and who else will have access to it according to our Privacy policy.