GDPR Privacy Statement

Darren Smith and those who work with Darren Smith Photography are committed to maintain the trust of clients, potential clients and visitors to this website and for those who use the services on offer.

Darren Smith Photography is a small, personal business whose ethos is to build on this trust gained to improve the service provided.

Privacy Pledge

The data collected by Darren Smith Photography (such as names, contact details, enquiries and comments) are solely used as verification and to allow members of Darren Smith Photography to reply to such requests or comments. It is not shared with any other company, such as an alternative photographer, without your consent.

Darren Smith Photography does not use cookies or ad management trackers to collect surfing data on its visitors web habits. We do use however use Google Analytics and Bing Webmaster to monitor:

  • Page errors
  • Page visits to individual pages
  • Visitor numbers
  • Country of origin

    All of these are within the code of this site and are used to monitor how the site is performing, that the pages online are being used, and where pages are less popular, are modified to improve their function and effectiveness.

    We do not under any circumstances monitor customers' / visitors' personal:

  • History
  • Data or
  • Advertising preferences
  • We have recently tweaked our code to comply with the EU data rules as of August 2023.

    Darren Smith Photography does not have an email subscription list so does not hold a list of visitors or other interested visitors to our site or social media.

    Any data collected from this site or by other communication such as through email or social media is kept for six (6) months beyond the last conversation or contact. After that time, it is deleted.

    Client images stored in the archive of Darren Smith Photography are kept for three (3) years for the sole purpose of backup for the client as well as storage in case a client requests further copies or previous work. After that time, it is deleted.

    Client online folders / portfolios are kept live for three (3) years from the date of delivery.

    Images stored at Darren Smith Photography are stored in a locked off-line archive. This is the safest method to protect the data owned by Darren Smith Photography, our associates and of course our clients.