Image Restoration

Old photographs, damaged slides, prints or negatives can be restored using industry-standard software and techniques.


Image Restoration

Using industry-standard software* and techniques, we can restore images by hand to ensure consistency and the "personal touch" rather than the automated methods found on the high street.

*With the introduction of AI (Artificial Intelligence) into the photography industry as an enhancement tool, AI may be used to enhance the quality of the output. This is not a direct replacement for our service, we prefer the personal touch to our work. AI has been rapidly improving over the last few years and used correctly and in conjunction with our editors, it produces results which our clients are happy with.

Costs are based upon time to enhance the image(s) and level of work involved.

Typical costs start from £5 for simple enhancements or desktop publishing.

There may be difficulties with your original image, so please discuss this before placing an order.

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