Image Series: Chinese Streetfood and Streetsellers

China has a wide variety of street sellers and street food that is a major rush on all the senses and each new footstep leads to a new experience. Your first encounter could be the smell of meat cooking over sizzling coals as sellers haggle noisily for the best price on a variety of items. A few steps later, the aroma turns to sweet pastries and traders are selling dates, watermelon and apples. Hundreds of locals swamp the area looking for their evening meal while a few tourists are left amazed at the scene surrounding them.

baozi makers

A baozi (chinese dumplings) maker keeps cool on his stand with a wet towel. Steam rises though the bamboo vessels gently steaming the baozi until cooked,

cooking sweetcorn

whilst another cooks fresh sweetcorn on a hotplate.

collecting supplies

Two workers collect supplies for a night's trading. Many side streets like this provide quick routes to the traders homes and storerooms.

watermelon traders

Watermelon traders chatting Its clear that competition is rife but everyone gets along and everyone sells their produce.

muslim chinese woman In Xian, the ancient capital of China and a major city on the silk road, A Muslim Chinese woman prepares chicken skewers with a delicious marinade before cooking them on hot charcoal ready for sale.

street marketstreet market

Who needs a supermarket when this amount of fresh produce is available from the street? Fresh fruits, vegetables and meat by some vendors, others are selling dried produce, nuts and pulses. All are competitively and comparitively priced.

street market

Fresh mutton and lamb kebabs being cooked over a custom barbeque. The chef efficiently turns the handles of the kebabs with the minimum of effort to cook the meat.

preparing bread

A street seller preparing breads to go with the meat and fish being prepared in neighbouring stalls, her family member relaxes behind the stall watching tv.

side streetA stairwell to a sellers home, used to store the sellers equipment when not being used.

weaver A weaver makes a vibrant piece of carpet in front of his customers, a true reflection on the term "hand made."

side shops
side shops

Another use of the numerous side streets, smaller stalls and shops have taken up all available space.

handmade broomA handmade broom used to clean up the streets after a night of business.

roast chicken

A stall owner roasting chicken legs over a spit, filling the air with a rich aroma of the marinade used and the oils sizzling on the charcoals

meat skewers

A trader who has his hand in multiple product lines, selling meat skewers and bread whilst also offering novelty items such as purses and pencil cases.

motorbike rider

tricycle rider

Locals visiting the market; Motorbikes, bicycles and tricycle carts all traverse through the market alongside the pedestrians. Some to buy food, others to re-stock their stalls.

noodle ladyFresh noodles being prepared over a steaming hot cauldron. Flames burst out of the exhaust

steamed bunsSometimes the air becomes thick with the scent of steamed buns and dumplings being cooked gently in their bamboo vessels.

chinese fruit and vegetables

The Chinese certainly have an ample supply of fresh fruit and vegetables...

hand cart...all delivered by hand-pulled carts or motorbikes.

coming out in the darkIt does not matter what time it is in the evening, fresh food is always prepared. The locals prefer to come out after dark as its so much cooler in the big cities.

local butcherWhere there is a need, there is always a businessman. Counting the day's takings from the sale of meat.


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